3D Animation

I was drawn into the world of 3D in 1995 and have been playing with vertices, polygons, meshes, keyframes, shaders, cameras, render settings, dynamics, and rigs ever since. Proficient in Cinema 4d, I have a wide knowledge of render engines and use Xpresso with a touch of Python to create bespoke internal tools.

VFX compositing

From live action and 3d tracking to high end CG compositing. I have a broad knowledge of using 3D passes, 2.5D, and 2D footage to bring a composite to life. My main software packages are After Effects, Syntheyes and a little bit of Nuke. Output wise I have a rock solid understanding of digital video and 3D stereoscopic format.

Technical Direction

I am a mix of an artist and a programmer. Responsible for the more technical challenges such as shaders, animation setups, complex simulations and pipelines. Looking after any technical problems the regular artists encounter and developing custom tools to improve the team’s workflow. 


My passion for filmmaking, specifically short documentaries has significantly helped me to expand my current knowledge about filming, lighting, framing, lenses and cameras. Canon 5d, 7d, Panasonic gh2 and vintage lenses are my usual toys.